"We did not come to fear the future.
We came here to shape it."

"Ask not what your country can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your country."

"Knowledge will forever
govern ignorance: and a people
who mean to be their own governors
must arm themselves with
the power which knowledge gives."


Helping to create a better America by solving social problems with social media.

American Think Tank Executive Board

Kenneth R, Cabrera
President/Secretary - Chairman

Ken is a graduate of New York University Tandon School of Engineering. He has held key roles with IBM/Wang Laboratories, many SMB companies and is currently a senior Web and Sales executive with Audio Visual Innovations Inc, the leading Fortune 100 audio and video integrator in the United States. Ken has helped develop many marketing and sales programs and has worked on web applications that have generated revenues greater than a combined value of $100 million dollars.

Chris Jenkins
– Director

With over fifteen years in technology, Chris is a recognized authority on both emerging technology and its impact on culture at large. His technical research and editorials are published around the world in both print and on the web, and he is a frequent keynote speaker for organizations such as KPI (Key Person of Influence), WordCamp, and the Entrepreneur Social Club. He mentors idea stage startups, and acts as a web technology consultant. Chris was awarded the Tampa Bay Business Journal CIO of the Year.

Todd Chesebro
Treasurer – Director

Todd has over 25 years of expertise as a multi-media advertising executive for ABC Corporation. Currently, he is the president of CWorld Media, a national media company specilizing in regional marketing campaigns that includes media for television, radio and the internet.

David Meagher
Chief Technology Officer – Director

David has over 25 years of internat marketing and eCommerce expertise. He has founded multiple internet commerce sites and develops web applications for public and private corporations.

Todd Migacz
General Counsel – Director

Todd has been an attorney representing multiple corporations and businesses. He has over 15 years of court room and litigation experience.

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Why American Think Tank?

American Think Tank because we need more answers to societies problems.


American Think Tank
Executive Board

Who is behind the creation of the American Think Tank Web application.



To manage things,
it helps to measure them.


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Together we can share ideas to find
the answers to social problems.


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